Digital Door Locks

Smart Homes Require Smart Protection!

At Alba Urmet, we think that convenience should be at the centre of all activities. We want to make things as simple and easy for you day in day out. Alba Urmet offers convenient and innovative door locking solutions for your home, without the need to carry keys. Simple, smart, safe and dynamic, our range of smart locks not only give you the security of knowing your home is safe when you’re away, but also the assurance that you can no longer accidentally lock yourself out of your own house: just punch in your private code and you’re back inside. With tamper sensor, passcode-hide function, and wireless remote connect, it does much more than lock and unlock your door without a key. It’s a new age, and you need protection that can help safeguard your home and its residence no matter where you are.

EL2018FP: Fingerprint Digital Door Lock


Biometric Control


Home Automation VDP Integration


Smart Touch


Mechanical Key

EL2014T : Digital Door Lock

EL2020 : Electric Rim Lock

Alba’s rim locks offer an economical and easy way to secure your door. These rim locks are designed with classic and modern styling, fitting different decorative needs and with both latch and bolt to provide excellent security for residential applications. The surface mounted rim lock  is easy to install and is engineered to meet today’s standards of strength, security and durability.

The rim lock is traditionally used for entrance doors, includes a pull handle. The unique design is suitable for left and right hand flush door either insuring or ousting types. The lock is nickel crome plated and tested for more than 1 million operations.

Easy to integrate with all sorts of door entry system – door phone and access control system. Normal Voltage: 12-24 VDC/AC.